nedjelja, 4. prosinca 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - MHAPro EU 1.26. is out !!

Support version is already out on my site !  Thank you to all those players who will support me and those who will support me in future too.

Free version will be out in some few days. I have some problems with one sector in France and I must fix that first. All information about release will be here.

On both picture you can see which parts of France I already overlook, fix, change and put my companies back in game ... but still I must put back Auxerre , Dieppe and Amiens , but that will be in next update, when  we will have DLC France too.

This version will still work without DLC France too, but next update will not.

Enjoy in playing !  If you will have any kind problems with my map (not with other MODs), please contact me on my mail, you can find it on every corner.

subota, 3. prosinca 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - MHAPro map


I decided that I will finish on some point and release tomorrow ,Sunday 4.12.2016 new update of MHAPro 1.26 for ETS2 1.26.x .... in public.

First will be out Support version. I will release that after 1pm Central EU time or 7am East US time .... so, you will all get on time and you will have enough time to drive on my map MOD before you'll mayb buy DLC France too.

This time my map MOD will  work without DLC France, but next update already will work with DLC France.

In next update I must put back Amiens, Auxerre and Dieppe in France which I totaly lost with new SCS map. ...but anyway, it is not so big lost like in ATS, where I lost whole map because of smart SCS rescale work after more than 1.year ATS .... what a disaster for such a company to start with to small map in some country which is several times bigger than Europe ... I can just say disaster.

About FREE game MOD version, it will be out next week .... so, be tuned and look on blog on fast if is something new...

I must thank you to all of you who support me and my work on ETS2 or ATS map MOD. From now on, Support and Free version will be different for sure ... and of course, Support version you will download direct from my server, fast , without any Adds .... but both versions will work together with new SCS updates.

Enjoy in playing !!

If you have any problem with something around my map MOD, use my mail :

I need always last Game.log and pictures from problem too will be welcome.

srijeda, 30. studenoga 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator - when will be MHAPro 1.26.x out ?

Answer is realy leisurely ....

Yesterday SCS team updated there version 1.26.1 in Public, now is up to us to make playable our versions ...

With that update I lost on MHAPro map all FRA cities, all companies, roads ...everything ...

My plan is to fix some of them in first round .... I hope so .... I work on that ... and I think that will be my MHAPro out somewhere in Saturday or Sunday on my site.

For sure will be out first support version, and I hope that you will support me like always. That just give me proof that I'm on right way with work and I can work further with that my MHAPro map.

Free version will be out next week , be patient, I must make compatible with everything. It is not so easy like some of  you maybe think . 

But it will be here , for sure.

The same , maybe worst , is situation with ATS game, where I can not upload my MHAPro ATS map .. 

I will see how I will make that, but you will get informations here !

So, please ,be patient !




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